About me

Neftali Basoalto

Born in September 1989 in Bolivia, he moves to Switzerland when he’s only 13 and few years later to Italy.

His first approach to the art is through poetry and his favourite author is Pablo Neruda who will be his source of inspiration. Later on he feels the need to widen his artistic perspective and he will start experimenting new ways of communicating thanks to the art of photography. From now on he will start using several photographic techniques combined with philosophical  and sociological studies that will allow shaping his identity which keeps developing.

Modernità Liquida is the result of those studies that is still being evolving.


Palazzo Monacelle di Bari. May – September 2017
Triennale di Milano. October 2017
Galgarte di Bergamo. November 2017
Galleria Ghiggini 1882 di Varese. November 2017
Ex Carcere Sant’Agata di Bergamo – Città Alta. Aprile 2019



mail: info@neftalibasoalto.it
phone: +39 347 3867 872

current location: Bergamo, Italy